How it happened

The story of Woodzstock was born out of a visit to another Black Isle festival – Jocktoberfest in 2016. We didn’t see ourselves as festival goers at all anymore as we’ve got kids and a business to run which takes up a lot of our time especially at weekends. All of our friends were heading to Jocktoberfest and somewhat nervously we tagged along.
We had a great time and at some point in the evening (with the help of a few drinks) we came to the conclusion that running a festival “can’t be that hard” and became more and more emboldenend that “we could do this!”

Discussing the previous nights adventures with our kids the next day, the bragging episode was relayed to much derision that we were “all talk” and “never going to actually do it“.

So, with the help of a lot of family and friends. We did.

NB. The moral of this story is never bet with your kids just to save face. Running a festival can be that hard.